What is Residency Statement?

Residency Statement is the unrivaled leader in medical residency Personal Statement services built on 12+ years of residency application experience and a relationship of trust among the residency candidate community. Residency Statement combines the medical residency experience of Match A Resident and the trained skill of our professional writing staff to provide you with a Personal Statement that will give you the ultimate advantage in your residency application.

The Personal Statement Problem

All medical residency candidates dream of applying with the perfect Personal Statement. A Personal Statement that can both illuminate your sparkling personality and hard-earned medical career achievements, and give you the highest chances of gaining recognition from Program Interview Selection Committees.

But, that dream can be difficult to accomplish if you:

    • Don’t have time to write a quality Personal Statement
    • Struggle with any writing beyond medical charts
    • Have no idea how to write a Personal Statement
    • Suffer from writer’s block
    • Do not have English as your first language and lack confidence in your writing ability

Any one of these reasons could hold you back from creating a Personal Statement you are 100% positive will help you achieve success during the Residency Application Season.

Residency Statement is your medical residency Personal Statement Solution

Residency Statement grew out of the overwhelming need of residency candidates for a reliable, safe, and speedy Personal Statement service to become the #1 Personal Statement provider in residency.

Our services were created with you in mind to support you through any Personal Statement needs you may have. The comprehensive Editing Service (S-ES) will bring out the best in any Personal Statement you have already written, while our full Writing Service (S-WS) will draw out the right information from you as you work together with your Writer to create whole Personal Statements.

How we do it?

Both Residency Statement services has its own process to quickly and easily complete your Personal Statement.


Editing Service

Give your old Personal Statement a Residency Statement overhaul. When you submit your Personal Statement for Editing, your document will be:

  • 1 Assigned a personal Residency Statement trained Editor for you to work with throughout the entire Editing Process. You will be able to communicate with your Editor at any time through the Messaging System.
  • 2 Combed over for any discrepancies in grammar, content, language, tone, format, and quality assured to make certain your Personal Statement stands up to ERAS Standards and Program Director expectations.
  • 3 Returned to you with in-depth Editing Diagnosis and comprehensive Editor Summary for you to review and give your feedback to your assigned Editor.
  • 4 Finalized with your approval to give you the best advantage during the ERAS Application Season.


Writing Service

Give yourself peace of mind by having your Personal Statement written by professional writers with input from your answers to the questionnaire. When you submit a Writing Questionnaire, your brainstormed answers will be:

  • 1 Evaluated to pick the strongest, most relevant content from the information you provide.
  • 2 Assessed for any missing important information you may have missed which could be vital to the overall message of your Personal Statement and the image you portray to Program Directors.
  • 3 Painstakingly shaped into a unique, and complete Personal Statement, and quality assured to return to you the perfect Personal Statement.
  • 4 Finalized and ready to give you the best advantage during the ERAS Application Season.

No Pressure Turn Around

Residency Statement’s one-of-a-kind online format is the #1 fastest service with the highest quality return in the field. Our system is formatted to be quick and easy with the least amount of impact on your daily life. Once you submit your Personal Statement for editing or writing, there is absolutely no pressure on you. Other services make you upload, download, resubmit, jump through hoops, and make all of the corrections to your Personal Statement by yourself, within a deadline of their choice. With Residency Statement, you simply have to give us your Personal Statement, and we’ll do the rest. Everything is in one place where you can keep track of the statement’s progress, communicate with your Editor and receive the final product.

No Templates, No Worries

We know residency Program Directors are looking for fresh and original Personal Statements, and by reading thousands of statements per season, they can instantly see if you have used a template to write your Personal Statement, which reflects poorly on your writing skills and the effort you put in. Residency Statement does not use any templates or samples to produce or edit any Personal Statements. Each Personal Statement that we work on comes from the information you provide, assuring an individual and unique statement for your ERAS application.

Life Happens

Sometimes you need a little help smoothing the bumps along the road to residency and beyond. Our Editors know the best writing techniques for handling any of your personal circumstances such as:

  • Failed classes or exams
  • Educational or Professional gaps
  • Financial difficulties
  • Personal Illness
  • Death in the family
  • Lack of US clinical experience
  • Challenges of being an IMG

Residency Statement’s team has creative and positive solutions for any of life’s challenges which can turn your red flag into a story of triumph and growth.

IMG Focus

Our services are built to tackle the unique circumstances, and illustrate the benefits of the diverse lives and experiences only IMGs can have. The Writing Questionnaire contains IMG-specific questions which were crafted to help IMGs tell their story in the most positive light. The professional staff at Residency Statement is trained to write strategically in order to help IMGs face the ERAS application with a Personal Statement which will benefit them the most.

We Guide You-- You are not alone

The Residency Personal Statement is only one section of the residency application process. Residency Statement is happy to offer free residency application guidance through our partner, Match A Resident, to make sure you are supported every step of the way. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, Residency Statement members are invited to contact the Match A Resident office with your questions.