What is Residency Statement?

Residency Statement is a proven leader with 13+ years of experience helping over 20,000 candidates build their best Personal Statements. Residency Statement is a branch of Match A Resident, leveraging the company’s 17+ years of residency application expertise. Our highly skilled team of professional Writers and Editors will provide you with a Personal Statement that gives you the ultimate advantage in your residency application.

The Personal Statement Problem

All medical residency candidates plan to apply with a strong and compelling Personal Statement that both highlights their unique personality and hard-earned clinical achievements. This provides the best chance of gaining recognition from application review committees.

But, this goal can be difficult to accomplish if you:

    • Don’t have time to write a quality Personal Statement
    • Have no idea how to approach a document like the Personal Statement
    • Do not consider yourself a strong writer
    • Do not speak English as your first language
    • Experience writer’s block

Any one of these reasons could hold you back from creating a Personal Statement you are 100% positive will help you achieve success during the residency application season.

Residency Statement is Your Medical Residency Personal Statement Solution

Residency program review committees expect well-written and polished Personal Statements from all candidates - regardless of writing or speaking ability. Residency Statement grew out of the overwhelming need for a reliable, fast, and effective Personal Statement service to help residency applicants.

Our services were created with you in mind, and we are here to address any Personal Statement needs you have. The comprehensive Editing Service transforms your existing draft into a well-written, polished, and optimized statement. Our full Writing Service includes a Questionnaire that draws out the most important and relevant information from you, allowing your Writer to create a polished first draft. Both the Writing and Editing Services include the opportunity to communicate back and forth before you approve the final version of your statement.

How we do it?

Both Residency Statement services have their own processes to quickly and easily complete your Personal Statement.


Personal Statement Writing Service

Give yourself peace of mind by having your Personal Statement written by a professional writer who uses the details from your Questionnaire to create a polished first draft. When you submit your Questionnaire, your responses will be:

  • 1 Evaluated to discern the strongest, most relevant content.
  • 2 Assessed to identify any important experiences or details you may have forgotten to include.
  • 3 Shaped into a complete, quality-assured, and unique Personal Statement.
  • 4 Finalized with your approval so you can feel confident in your Personal Statement.


Personal Statement Editing Service

Give your existing Personal Statement a Residency Statement overhaul. When you submit your Personal Statement for Editing, your document will be:

  • 1 Assigned to your personal Editor who will work with you throughout the entire editing process.
  • 2 Analyzed and edited to address any errors in grammar, content, language, tone, organization, flow, format, and quality.
  • 3 Returned to you with an in-depth Editing Diagnosis and comprehensive Editor Summary for you to review, before providing feedback to your Editor if you’d like further revision.
  • 4 Finalized with your approval so you can feel confident in your Personal Statement.

We Make it Easy

Residency Statement ensures high-quality work, fast returns, and reliable results. Once you submit your statement for Editing, you can rest assured that your Editor will begin revising right away. Your first draft will be polished and submission-ready. However, if you’d like to provide further feedback, your Editor will continue to revise at your direction. Everything is in one place so you can easily keep track of your statement’s progress, communicate with your Editor, and receive the final product.

For IMGs, USMGs, and Fellows

Our Writers and Editors are experienced in working with IMGs, USMGs, and Fellowship applicants. Our staff is trained to incorporate your unique circumstances and illustrate the benefits of your specific experiences. The writing Questionnaire contains targeted questions which were crafted to help you convey your story. Having worked with over 20,000 applicants, our team is equipped to deliver statements across all specialties from applicants of all backgrounds. This includes IMGs, US Graduates, ESL applicants, those pursuing fellowship, and beyond.

Addressing Red Flags

Many applicants have encountered obstacles in their pursuit of residency. Our Writers and Editors are well-versed in addressing red flags, including:

  • Low USMLE scores
  • Multiple USMLE Attempts
  • Longer time since graduation
  • Medical school breaks and failures
  • Gaps due to finances, illness, or extenuating personal circumstances

Residency Statement’s team has creative and positive solutions for any of life’s challenges which can turn your red flag into a story of triumph and growth.

No Templates, No Worries

Residency Statement does not use any templates or samples to produce or edit Personal Statements. Each statement written is developed from scratch, based exclusively on the information you provide, assuring an individual and unique statement for your ERAS Application.

Residency Program Directors are looking for competent and original Personal Statements. After reading hundreds of statements every season, it is easy to identify when applicants have used a template. That’s why Residency Statement’s Writing Service only delivers personally crafted statements, tailored to each individual we work with.

Comprehensive Application Guidance

Our expert residency advisors are available to assist you with questions and concerns you may have about your Personal Statement, ERAS Application, supporting documents, and program selection strategies. You are invited to contact us for guidance at any point on your residency journey.

We Guide You - You Are Not Alone

The Residency Personal Statement is only one section of the residency application process. Residency Statement is happy to offer free residency application guidance through our partner, Match A Resident, to make sure you are supported every step of the way. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, Residency Statement members are invited to contact the Match A Resident office with your questions.