Leave No Stone Unturned: Applying to Multiple Medical Specialties

Are you ready to help your overall prospects of Matching into a Medical Residency position, but not sure how?

Increasing Your Chances to Match

Every medical residency candidate wants to find the secret formula to guarantee themselves a successful Match. While there is no way to magically obtain a residency position, there are strategies residency candidates can utilize to improve their chances.

One of the best strategies to use is applying to, obtaining interviews, and ranking more than one medical specialty. Preparing to apply for multiple medical specialties is an excellent way to increase your chances


    • More exposure to many more residency programs
    • More security if you are applying to a competitive specialty
    • Explore multiple medical fields you’re interested in

Picking Specialties

Picking the right medical specialties to focus your application resources on is fundamental to your success as residency candidates. There are many considerations you should think about while deciding which medical specialties to pursue.

    • Considerations:

      • Your areas of medical interest
      • The clinical experience you have
      • The application documents (Letters of Recommendation and Personal Statements) you will be able to obtain
      • Your USMLE exams scores
      • The IMG friendliness of a specialty

You are spending a lot of money to apply to residency, it’s important to protect your investment by making only the wisest choices. Narrow down the medical specialties you are thinking about to at least, two, and at most, three.

If you don’t succeed with the first, you will have a back up to potentially fall back on.

What Do You Need?

Applying to multiple medical specialties requires you to put in extra work, but can ultimately save your Medical Residency application efforts.

  • In order to apply to multiple specialties, you will need:

    • Program research for each specialty
    • Specialty specific Letters of Recommendation (at least 1 to 3 per specialty)
    • The finances to apply to as many programs as possible (at least 100 programs)
    • A Personal Statement for each specialty

Multiple specialties takes multiple types of documents for each specialty. This is especially true for Personal Statements, which are the main way to communicate to Program Directors through your ERAS residency application. You must have one unique Personal Statement for each individual specialty you apply to.

Specialty Specific Personal Statements

Applying to one medical specialty with documents for another is like sending a love letter to the wrong person. Program Directors want to see your dedication, interest, and enthusiasm for the specialty their program is in. The Medical Residency Personal Statement is the perfect document to demonstrate your passion for the specialty you are applying to, and no two specialties are alike.

Each specialty is unique in their expectations, skills required, and experiences. For example, General Surgery and Family Medicine programs have very different expectations for what they would like to see in Personal Statements directed towards their specialty.

General Surgery would want to see:

    • Focus and determination
    • Direct surgical experience and demonstrated skills
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Adaptability

Family Medicine would want to see:

    • Patient interaction
    • Interest in long term care

If you apply to specialties with a generic Personal Statement, you are denying yourself the chance to control how Program Directors view you and cheapening the best opportunity to prove your worth as a residency candidate.

Residency Statement Knows Residency

As the leading Medical Residency Personal Statement provider, we understand the importance of having an individualized Personal Statement for each medical specialty. Each specialty is unique and requires different parts of your experiences and personality to shine through.

Thanks to our partnership with residency application expert, Match A Resident, Residency Statement has a deeper, much more developed understanding of the residency application process. Residency Statement was the first service to begin using the term “specialty specific.” We were able to begin encouraging our members to put in the extra effort that makes all the difference when Program Directors read Personal Statements.

We also understand writing multiple Personal Statements is time consuming.

There may be many factors that get in the way of writing multiple, or even one, Personal Statement such as:

    • Lack of time
    • Lack of motivation
    • Lack of writing confidence

Multiple Specialties, One Solution

Writing multiple Personal Statements doesn’t have to be complicated. Residency Statement is your one-stop shop for Medical ResidencyMedical Residency Personal Statements. The Writing Service (S-WS) will help you craft as many unique, specialty specific Personal Statements you may need to face the ERAS Residency Application with confidence.

Writing Service (S-WS)

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More Statements for Less Stress

Getting multiple Personal Statements ready for your ERAS Application has never been easier. In just three quick and easy steps, you can have as many Personal Statements as you need. Simply fill out the Writing Questionnaire, work with a professional writer, and receive your high quality Personal Statement.

Highly Personalized

Personal Statements are meant to be a reflection of you as an individual. With Residency Statement’s Writing Service, you never have to worry about sounding unnatural or generic. All Personal Statements drafted by our professional writing staff are created with the content from your answers to the questionnaire. There are no templates, and no risk of plagiarism.

Collaboration & Support

Residency Statement members have complete support throughout every part of the Personal Statement writing process from the Support Staff ready to answer your questions before you get started, to the expert brainstorming techniques through the Writing Questionnaire, and direct, secure communication with your writer should you have any questions or comments.

ERAS Application Focus

Residency Statement knows the key to success during the residency application season is applying to multiple specialties with unique, specialty specific documents. We are ready to work with you to accomplish one of the most difficult and time-consuming components of the ERAS Application.