What services does Residency Statement offer?

Residency Statement offers two types of Personal Statement services, Editing (S-ES) and Writing (S-WS). Editing is often for residency applicants who have a completed Personal Statement and need an editor to review and revise your document to fit professional ERAS standards. While full statement writing is used when the residency applicants need help creating a whole new Personal Statement draft from scratch.

What makes your services different from other online Personal Statement services?

Residency Statement is a trusted veteran of Personal Statement services, depended on by residency candidates for +8 years. Beyond our professional work, secure in-house systems, and unique Personal Statement services style, Residency Statement is the only company that offers a full Writing Service (S-WS) to create entire Personal Statements from beginning to end with speed, and reliability. Residency Statement also has extensive residency partnerships that are able to support our members beyond the Personal Statement. Through our partner, Match A Resident, residency candidates can receive expert guidance and consultation. Our partners in residency faculties ensure we stay updated about the expectations of Program Interview Committees. Through our history, Residency Statement remains the unrivaled provider of Personal Statements and residency support.

What are your prices?

  • View pricing for Editing (S-ES)
  • View pricing for Writing (S-WS)

How long does it take?

The Editing Service takes a total of 3 to 5 days, and the Writing Service takes a total of 7 to 10 days. Expedited options available.

Can I get my Personal Statement done sooner?

Yes! When you submit your Personal Statement for Editing or Writing, you may select the Expedite option at Checkout to get your Personal Statement done in half the time. Additional fees apply.

How much does the Expedite Option cost per service?

The Expedited Editing Service (S-ES) is an additional $50. The Expedited Writing Service (S-WS) is an additional $100.

What timeframe should I submit my Personal Statement?

Gauging when you need your Personal Statement can be difficult depending on what time of the Application Season you are applying in. If you are planning to submit your residency application in September, be aware things get pretty busy leading up to the opening of applications. We suggest submitting your Personal Statement by mid-August for the best results if you are aiming for the Main Residency Match Season.

Can I communicate with my Editor or Writer via telephone or personal email?

No, the entire process is completed through our secure website to best ensure the protection of our members and professional team.

How do I communicate with my Editor or Writer?

You are welcome to message your Editor or Writer at any time through Residency Statement’s in-house Messaging System available on the My Statement page.

How qualified are the Editors?

Our Editors and Writers all come from strong writing backgrounds and are rigorously trained in the art of Personal Statements and medical residency. No Editor or Writer starts working on Personal Statements until they understand medical residency and the intricacies involved for differing specialties

Do you use templates?

No. No templates are used in the creation of any Personal Statement.

Can Program Directors tell I used a service?

Absolutely not. The goal of any Personal Statement is to illuminate the subject-- you! Editors and members work closely together to produce a cohesive document as unique as you are.

Why can’t I use one Personal Statement for other specialties?

Program Directors prefer to see dedication and commitment to the medical specialty their programs are in. The Personal Statement is the best way for you to demonstrate your passion for one specialty. Also, each medical specialty is unique and requires specialized medical knowledge, skills and personality traits. Generic Personal Statements communicate a lack of passion and effort.

What is the refund policy?

Please view the refund policy in our Terms and Conditions.

I still have questions, can I contact you?

You may contact us through the Contact Us page above..