Our History

Residency Statement was founded with the goal of addressing the increasing requests of residency candidates for a strong and reliable Medical Residency Personal Statement service that would cater to them and their unique needs. Through the efforts of a dedicated team, Residency Statement has grown to impress the residency candidate community with our specialized methods and cutting edge system technology.

Residency Statement continues working tirelessly to improve our services and stay on the forefront of providing Personal Statements. It is our mission to help residency candidates succeed in their residency aspirations by providing only the best quality Personal Statements.

Our Philosophy

Community, support, guidance, and premium service-- these are the pillars that make up Residency Statement’s mission to provide powerful and unique Personal Statements which contribute to the success of our members during the residency application process. We are committed to producing Personal Statements with the highest degree of excellent content while giving our members all of the compassionate and expert assistance they could need to be confident in their residency journey.

Our Editors

Once you’ve made the decision to seek professional help with your Personal Statement, it can be hard to find a team to place your trust in-- but look no further. Our staff of expert, enthusiastic, and exceptionally trained residency Writers and Editors are the professionals you been looking to work with. When we find the most experienced writers in the field, we carefully and comprehensively train our staff with all of the knowledge they could possibly need to work with Medical Residency Personal Statements.

Each Residency Statement Staff Member is guaranteed to be:

  • Thoroughly trained in Medical Residency
  • Mentored by veteran editors
  • Responsive and helpful
  • Professional and dedicated

Our Partners in Residency

Residency Statement would like to thank our wonderful partners in residency who help contribute to our success in becoming the #1 Personal Statement provider. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have friends within the residency world for insight into the minds of Program Directors and committees. Our partnership with Match A Resident also grants us an unrivaled depth of knowledge about the residency application process. Most importantly, we would not exist today without a history of trust and cooperation with our member community.