Your Work, Your Match

You take the USMLE® exams

You complete your clinical rotations

You put together your ERAS Application

You obtain and attend interviews

You wouldn’t let your USMLE prep materials take all of the credit for your hard-earned exam scores, or your medical school professors take credit for your degree-- So, why would you let a residency Personal Statement service take credit for the hard work you put in to get into residency?

Getting Into Residency Takes Hard Work

Pursuing a medical career in the United States takes dedication and effort. No other part of the process proves this fact more than the application for obtaining a medical residency position during The Match®.

  • Your Road to Matching:

    • Graduate from Medical School
    • Complete the USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK and USMLE Step 2 CS
    • Join AAMC® and ERAS®
    • Submit medical school and USMLE transcripts
    • Complete the lengthy ERAS Application
    • Obtain Letters of Recommendation
    • Write Personal Statements
    • Get an MSPE
    • Apply to potentially hundreds of residency programs
    • Secure and sit for interviews
    • Create a Rank Order List
    • MATCH
  • If you’re an International Medical Graduate (IMG) you have extra steps such as:

    • Receiving the ECFMG Certificate
    • Obtaining US Clinical Experience
    • Applying to more programs
    • Getting the PTAL (California only)
    • Visas for non-citizens

Each step of the medical residency process must be treated with care.

Seeking Professional Help

While it’s important you work to improve every part of your application to the best of your abilities-- sometimes you need a little help to reach your full potential. There’s nothing wrong with receiving assistance for parts of your application like completing your residency program research or drafting your Medical Residency Personal Statement. With residency Program Directors expecting professional level writing, smart residency candidates make the decision to seek professional help.

Picking a professional Residency Personal Statement service can be overwhelming, but there is one significant part of any service you should pay attention to. When searching for a professional service for your Personal Statement, it is important to look closely at their promises and guarantees.

Many Services may offer:

  1. Over 90% Match Rate
  2. 100% Match Guarantee
  3. Match or Your Money Returned

But, it is not possible for any service to guarantee you a Match. In promising or guaranteeing a Match with the use of their service, these companies are not only being dishonest, but they also are trying to claim the credit for when you do Match through your own hard work that you put into the rest of your ERAS application.

The Residency Statement Difference

At Residency Statement, we ask ourselves, “What matters more?” Focusing on helping our members, or trying to make ourselves look better through overinflated “Match” rates and promises with endless red tape?

Residency Statement believes your achievements belong to you and only you. We’re proud to contribute to your overall success-- without taking all the credit when you Match.

The Residency Statement Guarantee

A common question we hear at Residency Statement is “Can you guarantee me a Match?” Our answer is, “Can you guarantee you’ll have a great interview?” This question demonstrates how one component of your ERAS Application cannot make up for weaknesses in other components of your ERAS Application. For example, you may have the perfect Personal Statement, but if your interviewing skills are poor, your Personal Statement alone cannot get you into residency if the residency program does not like you in person. The Residency Application Process is too large and complex to ever guarantee you a residency position, but that doesn’t mean we can’t guarantee you anything.

Results, Not False Promises

Personal Statement services that give false promises about Matching are not fully confident in the Personal Statements they provide. They think they can distract residency candidates with flashy promises and offers so residency candidates will be lured into a false sense of security and won’t look more deeply into the Personal Statement they receive. Residency Statement is both confident in our role within your ERAS Application and realistic enough to understand the residency application process as a whole.

Focus on Your Success, Not Failure

A Personal Statement service should be entirely focused on your success as a residency candidate, not looking for you to fail. All claims of “Get Matched or Your Money Returned” come with miles of red tape, exceptions, and excuses. These services will find any reason to deny you the claims they made at the start. Better to trust a service that won’t be looking for why you failed, but would rather be a participant in the overall picture of your success. Residency Statement is 100% dedicated to helping you boost your ERAS Application and give you the confidence of knowing your Personal Statement is an asset, not an application liability.

No Pressure or Extra Stress

A Personal Statement service should also work around their members’ schedules, not their own agenda. Residency Statement does not have any extra rules or regulations for turnaround time that would add additional pressure to you. Simply submit your Personal Statement for editing, or complete the Writing Questionnaire for full Personal Statement writing and watch as your professional writing partner helps you transform your ERAS Application with a well written Personal Statement. Our unique online platform also ensures the work can be completed at any time, anywhere.

IMG Focus

Our services are built to tackle the unique circumstances, and illustrate the benefits of the diverse lives and experiences only IMGs can have. The Writing Questionnaire contains IMG-specific questions which were crafted to help IMGs tell their story in the most positive light. The professional staff at Residency Statement is trained to write strategically in order to help IMGs face the ERAS application with a Personal Statement which will benefit them the most.

Simple, and Efficient Processes

Residency Statement’s services are meant to quickly and easily provide for you the best Personal Statement you can imagine. Residency Statement does not want you to waste any of your precious time and effort that you could be using to strengthen the rest of your application. That is why Our Process was designed to provide you with an edited or fully written Personal Statement with the least amount of stress and worry for you.

Free Additional Revision

While we are confident you are going to love your Personal Statement, sometimes life changes and you decide you would like to add or remove an aspect of your Personal Statement. Residency Statement’s direct Messaging System keeps you in contact with your Writer or Editor, allowing you the chance to make any changes you deem necessary in the pursuit of the final draft.


“There is no magic formula for obtaining a US medical residency position.”

- Olivia Mishler, Match A Resident

Any service that guarantees a Match is either inflating their numbers, or has too many rules and restrictions to properly honor their promises. At Residency Statement, we believe our Personal Statements speak for themselves, that our Personal Statements do not need any false promises or guarantees to support you through the Residency Application Season and strengthen your ERAS Application.