Getting Into Residency Takes Hard Work

While some companies claim that their Personal Statement service guarantees their clients will Match, there simply is no such thing as a guaranteed Match. There are many other factors that play into determining your eligibility for residency.

Beyond applying with a polished and perfected Personal Statement, all the following also play an important role in your getting Matched: your existing and future Step scores (including any failures), the experiences found on your CV, strong (specialty-specific) US-based Letters of Recommendation, and the overall strength of your ERAS Application, among other factors.

Your Work, Your Match

No one but you can put in the time and do the work needed to Match into a US residency. The process takes dedication and effort. From graduating medical school to doing well during interviews, your performance at each juncture is integral to your overall success. Your journey will include:

    • Graduating from medical school
    • Completing the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK exams
    • Joining AAMC, ERAS, and the NRMP
    • Completing the lengthy MyERAS Application
    • Submitting medical school and USMLE transcripts
    • Obtaining Letters of Recommendation
    • Writing Personal Statements
    • Getting an MSPE (Medical School Performance Evaluation)
    • Applying to potentially hundreds of residency programs
    • Securing and sitting for interviews (#1 factor for getting ranked well)
    • Creating a Rank Order List

If you’re an International Medical Graduate (IMG), there are extra steps to complete:

    • Obtaining the ECFMG Certificate
    • Securing US Clinical Experience
    • Applying to more programs
    • Getting a visa (for non-citizens/non-permanent residents)

You are the central player of your residency application journey. Each step of the process must be understood and executed on time and with attention to detail.

Seeking Professional Help

Considering how involved and time-consuming the Match process is, you might need assistance to help your application reach its full potential. There is no question that application review committees want to see professional-level writing. Working with professional services that edit or write Personal Statements can help you apply smart.

When searching for a professional service to edit or write your Personal Statement, look closely at their promises and guarantees.

Some services may offer:

    • Over 90% Match Rate
    • 100% Match Guarantee
    • Match or Your Money Back

It is not possible for any service to guarantee you a Match. In promising or guaranteeing a Match with the use of their service, these companies are misleading you.

The Residency Statement Difference

Residency Statement will provide you with a polished, professional, and competitive Personal Statement. We are confident in our role to assist Match applicants yet realistic enough to understand the residency application process as a whole. No one piece of the puzzle will ever be the sole reason for your success - each must complement and support the rest. Our affiliation with Match A Resident also ensures you have access to additional resources like compatible program research, interview preparation services, ERAS Application help, and beyond. You can rely on Residency Statement for:

    • A well-crafted and professional Personal Statement
    • An experienced team of Writers and Editors
    • Direct communication with your Writer/Editor from beginning to end
    • Multiple revisions for each statement at no extra charge
    • A simple, expedient, and easy client interface
    • Expert guidance, advice, and support

At Residency Statement, our Personal Statements speak for themselves, as do the 20,000 clients we have served in over 13 years of experience. Learn more about what our members have to say below.