Unique Personal Statement, Strong Residency Application.

It’s no secret that the Medical Residency Personal Statement is one of the most important pieces of the ERAS Residency Application puzzle. No other component of the application gives you as much control in shaping the impression you give Residency Program Interview Selection Committees than the Residency Personal Statement.


Personal Statement Writing

Complete the Writing Questionnaire and watch as a professional writer creates a complete, top-quality, and unique Personal Statement from scratch using content from your answered questions.


Personal Statement Editing

The Editing Service will bring out the best in any Personal Statement draft you have already written. Your statement will be revised, refined, revisited, and polished to perfection.

The Value of Personal Statements

Have you considered the full value your Personal Statement adds to strengthen your overall medical residency application? Some residency applicants are not aware of the many roles a Personal Statement plays in the residency application process from interview selection to Rank Order Lists.

The Medical Residency Personal Statement can boost a weak application past residency program filters, secure an interview, provide content for program interview questions, and even help Program Directors make the final selections for their Rank Order List. A well-crafted Personal Statement is crucial to help you stand out from the thousands of other applicants contending for limited residency program positions. Residency Statement will provide you with the Personal Statement you need to guide you along your ERAS Residency Application journey with strength and confidence.

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A Highly Trained Team of Editors

What happens when you combine the most qualified and accomplished writers with the benefit of +12 years of experience in the medical residency field? You get Residency Statement’s unbeatable team of Editors and Writers. Residency Statement hand picks the best of the best and equips them with the specialized knowledge and residency training necessary to write for any medical specialty with the utmost confidence essential for producing the highest quality Personal Statements.

Tailored Solutions for You

Every residency candidate has their own unique story to tell and their own Personal Statement needs. Whether you are an International Medical Graduate (IMG) or US medical graduate (USMG), you have a medical career full of your own experiences to share. Residency Statement’s two all-inclusive services are for you to choose from to solve any Personal Statement problems. If you have written a Personal Statement you would like cleaned up and refined, the Editing Service (S-ES) is for you. If you are at a loss for how to write a Personal Statement or don’t have the time to draft a full statement, you’ll find everything you are looking for in the Writing Service (S-WS).

Unlimited Resources

Residency Statement does not believe in limitations or restrictions. When it comes to your Personal Statement, the sky’s the limit, and we are dedicated to providing the resources you need to succeed. Not only does the professional staff have your back through every step of the writing or editing process, but you also have the experience of residency experts at your side through our residency partners. We are prepared to work with you as long as it takes to give you the results you deserve.

Our Members Achieve Success

Residency Statement isn’t just a company offering a service-- we’re a family. When you register and submit your Personal Statement, you are becoming a member of a large and diverse residency network dedicated to seeing you succeed. With the support provided by our professional staff, you know you aren’t facing the ERAS Residency Application alone. We take our commitment to our member’s success as seriously as your residency application efforts.

Enhance Your Overall Application

A Personal Statement from Residency Statement is more than a guarantee. It’s a commitment from us to you that we will provide the absolute best quality documents to not only help you increase your chances of impressing Residency Interview Selection Committees and obtaining interviews, but also instill the confidence within yourself during an interview that programs have already seen a brilliant portrait of the amazing person you are.


Residency Statement is the #1 Medical Residency Personal Statement provider in the field.
Residency Statement has two services built to cover any of your Personal Statement needs. You may edit a previously completed draft with our Editing Service (S-ES). If you need more, you may start a brand new Personal Statement from scratch, or perform a complete overhaul with the Writing Service (S-DS).
There are so many reasons why you should choose Residency Statement, it’s hard to pick just one! Residency Statement is the best Personal Statement service in the medical residency field because:
  • You receive the benefit from our +12 years of Medical Residency Personal Statement experience.
  • We do not use any templates or overused structural language components. Each Personal Statement we provide showcases the individual’s personality and specialized knowledge in any medical specialty.
  • Your content and communications are safe within our secure, encrypted interface.
  • Residency Statement’s services are completed directly within our unique, in-house, and comprehensive website. Our easy-to-use process and skilled staff guarantees you will be thoroughly satisfied with the final result.
  • Our qualified Editing and Writing staff is comprised of adept and highly trained professionals who have read, edited, and written thousands of Medical Residency Personal Statements.
  • Our staff is experienced in helping International Medical Graduate (IMG) candidates with a focus on the challenges IMGs face throughout the season and their own unique circumstances.
The best medical residency applications cannot be complete without the perfect Personal Statement to highlight your strengths and prove to Program Directors you are a valuable addition to their residency team. Residency Statement will guarantee you a carefully crafted Personal Statement that will be the best asset to you and your residency application.

Is Your Personal Statement Ready to Impress?

Many residency applicants believe their Personal Statement is ready to introduce them to Residency Programs. Yet, based on our assessment, very few Personal Statements pass the ERAS guidelines required by Residency Interview Selection Committees.

  • Residency Statement Assessment Statistics:
    • 55% Do not pass Residency Program Standards and need more work
    • 38% Do not pass Residency Program Standards and need to be re-written
    • 7% Pass Residency Program Standards