How to write a personal statement

  • Times New Roman (S:11-12)
  • Double space between each paragraph
  • 600-800 word count (suggested)
  • 5 Paragraph structure (suggested)
  • Introduction
    • Should entice reader with a beginning that exemplifies experience while thoroughly explaining the position of their story in context.
    • First sentence is vital. Make sure it is universally intriguing and lays foundation for the rest of the Personal Statement. A singular path of writing is ideal. Too much off topic subject matter can potentially confuse the reader and dilute the focus.
  • Body
    • Reader should visualize a professional through examples of educational advancements, personal triumphs, and any prestigious info that is relatable to your specific field.
    • Begin suggesting reasons for choosing a specialty. In compliment to the reasoning, suggest specific skills that relate to your desired position.
    • Acknowledge specific desires in relation to the residency position you are applying.
  • Conclusion
    • Reiterate the specific position being applied for and convince the reader that you will be a valuable asset to the program. Avoid clich├ęs and slang expressions. Any words from a foreign language should be italicized.
    • A strong closing has tremendous value in the Personal Statement. This is the last chance the reader has to conform opinions and address the quality of the paper. Sincerity and professionalism should be illustrated via dynamic language. Confident wording should be the focal point.

Questions to Consider

  • Is your writing concise and clear with no grammatical errors?
  • Does the Personal Statement relate to a specified professional audience?
  • Did you market your capabilities and interests within the Personal Statement?
  • Does your work leave a potential interviewer with exceptional questions?
  • Did you thoroughly check your work for plagiarism?
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